Food & Beverages

Hands holding ice cream

Our food court will offer a variety of food, snacks, water, and other beverages.



Bars located throughout the festival will serve beer and cocktails (hard liquor will not be sold separately). Service hours may be limited.

Free Water


Stay hydrated! Fill up your reusable cup or hydration pack at our free water stations.


Lockers under blue light

Why stress about losing your ID, dancing with a full backpack, or carrying around new merch? Keep your items safe and secure throughout the weekend by renting a locker. Learn more about lockers.


Come by the Insomniac Shop to check out the brand-new EDC apparel collection, as well as artist collections for the event. We will have a variety of T-shirts, jackets, backpacks, sweatshirts, water bottles, accessories, and more. And don’t forget to visit us online!

Battery Charging Stations

Don’t risk losing track of your friends or missing the perfect photo op! Keep your phone powered up at our battery charging stations. Check your festival map for locations.

Lost & Found


Info Booths

Info booths will be stationed throughout the venue. Check your festival map for specific locations.

Safety & Medical

To ensure a safe environment for all, security and medical staff will be present throughout the entire event. If you need any assistance, please go to the nearest medical or information tent, or seek out an event staff member. Learn more about staying healthy and happy at EDC.

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